Today, some thirty years later, Spring Fork Farms, Inc. has a new assistant manager, Aaron Boerger.  Boerger is a graduate of Clark State Community College in Springfielld, Ohio, majoring in Agriculture.  Danny, meanwhile has followed his father's footsteps, becoming manager.  And Roger?  He loves to joke that he does as little as possible, although that has never been his style.

The crop year consists of 800 acres of corn, 900 acres of soybeans and 200 acres of wheat.  Roger and Lila own 2000 acres of the farm acres and the other 800 are leased.  "Today's large machinery makes for short work of the acres", says Roger.  "With 30 foot grain heads, twelve row corn heads and 300 horsepower tractors, farmers are able to get crops planted and harvested a lot faster than we could 30 years ago".

Roger is proud of the rich history of his acres and does his best to maintain the historic 1848 farmhouse and protect the land.  To keep topsoil in place, he employs no-till and minimum tillage techniques when planting his acreage.

Courtney Whatley, Lynne's youngest child, attends Milford Center Elementary School.  Aaron and Shannon have three children:
Eli, Kara and Ethan.  Granddaughter Amanda and Eddie have two children:  Logan and Adyson. Grandson Brandon will graduate in 2010 from Fairbanks High School.

Having passed management responsibilities to the younger generation, Roger and Lila enjoy traveling and golfing.

To what do the Stewarts credit their success?  "Both Roger and I learned sound work practices from our parents" said Lila.  "We have taught these work practices to our children and grandchildren in the hope of passing this farm on to future generations of our family."  In the future, perhaps Danny's son, Brandon, or some of the great grandchildren will contribute to the operation of Spring Fork Farms. 


About Us

Lila's parents instilled in her the value of education, which led her to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from
Franklin University.  She retired from O.M. Scott & Sons in Marysville after 23 years.  In her "retirement", Lila is the Fiscal Officer for Pike Township, Madison County and continues to assist in the accounting for Spring Fork Farms, Inc.

Today, Roger and Lila's son, Danny Stewart, and their grandson, Aaron Boerger, have taken over the day to day farm operations.
Although Roger retired about as well as Lila did, you will still see him in the tractor quite a bit!! Danny llives on the farm with his wife, Carla, and son, Brandon.  Along with running the farm, Danny collects antique tractors and muscle cars.  Carla works at O,M.Scott & Sions in Marysville, and has two children.  Kimberly lives in Arizona and Travis is serving our country in the Marines.
Danny's son, Brandon, is a lawn care specialist.

Roger and Lila's daughter, Lynne Boerger Whatley, lived on the farm until her passing in 2010.  She followed in her mother;s footsteps and graduated from Franklin University in 1989.  She left behind three children:  Amanda, Aaron and Courtney Whatley. Courtney resides on the farm.  She is currently attending Fairbanks High School and plays the trombone in the Fairbanks Marching Band.

Amanda Boerger Willett and her husband, Eddie Willett, also live on the farm.  Eddie works at Kanawha Scales & Systems, Inc., 
and helps out on the farm whenever needed.  Amanda stays home with their two children, Logan and Adyson.  Aaron Boerger lives in the main farm house with his wife, Shannon, and their four children: Eli, Kara, Ethan and Kendra.  Shannon stays home with the children. 

Aaron is a graduate of Clark State Community College majoring in Agriculture.  Besides helping with the day to day operations on the farm, Aaron owns and operates Aaron's Trucking Logistics, Inc.  He is also township trustee for Pike Township and is a 
representative for Stewart Seeds, a division of Monsanto.

Roger and Lila couldn't be more proud of the family and legacy they have created.

To what do the Stewarts credit their success?  "Both Roger and I learned sound work practices from our parents" said Lila.
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